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The Villain’s Point of View Oct 19

Crafting an Authentic Villain

Gone are the days of the mustache-twirling villain who is just evil for evil’s sake. These days to make your villain engaging and believable he or she must be authentic.

So to craft your realistic villain, it’s critical that you see the world from their point of view. After all, “Everyone’s the hero of their own narrative.”

As a great reminder of that truth, has produced another terrific movie-themed article: 26 Great Movies from the Villain’s Point of View.

Here are a few of my favorite user-submitted posters:

The Jewelry Thieves (Lord of the Rings)

The Senator Kelly Story (The X-Men)

Terrible Shepherds (Brokeback Mountain)

Iceberg (Titanic)

The Empire Tries Really Hard (The Empire Strikes Back)

Alone (Alien)

The full article has a bunch more great ones, so check it out.

Which one is your favorite? And can anyone explain the “Vector” movie poster to me?

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5 Responses
  1. Scott says:

    How would that work with TAXI DRIVER?

    Or even better, DEXTER? Can you imagine a bunch of weepy serial killers having to deal with the scourge of a serial killer serial killer?

  2. Trevor Mayes says:

    Hey Scott — I think DEXTER does about as good a job as they can seeing things from the serial killer’s side. Since psychopathic characters tend to have abnormal pathology, the audience does not need to empathize with their point of view necessarily.

  3. Scott says:

    Yeah, let’s HOPE they’re not empathizing.

  4. Teddy says:

    Terrible Shepherds is my favorite. I believe Vector would be Despicable Me.

  5. Trevor Mayes says:

    Teddy — Thanks for cracking the Vector code!!! That one’s been bugging me.

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