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Congratulations to Chris Bullett! Dec 29

Gideon's LawMy buddy Chris Bullett just won the November 2011 Best Script Award in the Amazon Studios contest!!! What a great way to surge into 2012.

His $20,000 winning script is called Gideon’s Law. Here’s the logline for this Thriller/Action-Adventure:

A disgraced young cop is assigned a routine civilian ride-along and quickly learns that his passenger is not what he seems and he has just entered into a brutal battle with a killer who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

I’ve had the privilege of reading and critiquing a number of Chris’s scripts, and I can say with confidence that he has a bright career ahead of him. (Actually, he has a pretty bright career right now!)


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3 Responses
  1. Chris B says:

    Hey Trevor,

    Very much appreciated, sir 🙂

    Looking forward to what we can do in 2012!


  2. Lauren says:

    I been reading your blog for the longest time.
    And this is best news I heard in 2012. Time to celebrate guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Trevor, I talked my partner, who said that your coverage,notes are
    very pro, affordable. Actually from reading your post, you come across a hard working honest script consultant who’s out there to really help us with a positive down to earth attitude and discipline.

    Since I am here typing, I got few questions, hope you don’t mind ?

    -What is the difference between a ten-pole movie and a high concept movie? Or do they always work together? Is there a minimum budget or max budget?

    -If you strip the humor from the first Die Hard movie, what kind of movie would you end up with? And what kind of movie would you have if you take out all the humor in JC’s Terminator 2?

    -Is it important to always add humor to high concept scripts, for the studios and agents sake?

    -But doesn’t that change the tone? If you add too many jokes to a movie like Batman or Titanic or Towering Inferno or Star Wars – doesn’t that ruin the tone of the movie? On that note – is it too risk to add humor to high-concept adventure scripts? I don’t want someone to say that my script is “silly” trying to be “cute” and ” all over the map”.

    -Last question, if you have to remake the TV show ‘LOST IN SPACE’ , what would the tone and could talk a bit about your pitch for such an adaptation? And why did the last version flop at the box office? Would yours be a colorful or close to a very bold Tim Burton like adaptation?

    -Would you say the movie “Spiderman-Reboot” is high concept?


  3. Trevor Mayes says:

    Thanks Lauren! Some great questions. I’ll tackle them this week on the blog. Happy New Year!

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