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The Oatmeal: How movie theaters SHOULD be laid out Jun 29

God bless the twisted sense of humor of Matthew Inman and his website, The

This particularly hilarious comic, and argument for an improved movie theater layout, was recently brought to my attention (click image for larger version at

Into the dome...Into the dome!Click image above to visit and see a larger version.

The only thing I disagree with — sitting next to elderly folks. I once sat in front of an old lady who loudly reiterated every single line of dialogue to her deaf husband, for the ENTIRE movie.


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Freaky Friday Videos Jun 15

Because it’s Friday

Here are the videos that have been haunting my dreams this past week.

Burning Love

Have you seen this parody of The Bachelor yet? It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Thanks to Yahoo throwing some money behind it, the production value is exceptional for a web series.

It also stars some pretty big names including Ben Stiller, Malin Ackerman, Kristen Bell, and another famous actress who makes a surprising appearance in episode 2.

Here’s episode 1:

The other episodes can be found here. New episodes air every Monday and Thursday.

Bieber Creeper

So apparently Justin Bieber held a contest where girls were supposed to post a video of themselves singing a “Girlfriend” version of his song: Boyfriend. The result was one of the creepiest, funniest videos that will make you hope Justin Bieber has an army of security guards.

It now has 5 million plus views and shows no sign of slowing down:

Those eyes! [shudder]

Hand Thing

If you think the above video was creepy, you should stay the hell away from the one below. This video, featuring the character of Shaye Saint John, is equal parts brilliant, deranged and hilarious. Whether you love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure — you will never forget it.

Seriously, words can’t prepare you for this video. You’re just going to have to watch it.

Shaye Saint John

“WTF?” incarnate

If you’ve still managed to keep your sanity, you might wish to check out this great Geekosystem article on the madman/genius behind the Shaye Saint John character and many more disturbingly funny videos like Hand Thing. Just make sure all your doors are locked first.

What videos have been haunting your dreams this week?

The Difference Between “Tentpole” and “High-Concept” Jan 05

Reader Questions: Tentpole vs. High Concept

Mission Impossible 4


I received some good questions from Lauren the other day:

What is the difference between a ten-pole [sic] movie and a high concept movie? Or do they always work together? Is there a minimum budget or max budget?

A “tentpole” movie is one that a studio hopes will do extremely well at the box office. Just like a pole holds up a tent, such a movie will provide the necessary financial support to the studio.

The term: “high-concept” is a little trickier to define. Essentially it’s an innovative movie idea that immediately captures viewers’ imaginations in a few words and is believed to have mass-market appeal.

As Steve Kaire writes in this insightful article, a high-concept movie can be sold on its pitch. It’s not execution dependent.

Movies like Jurassic Park (cloned dinosaurs running amuck in a theme park) or The Sixth Sense (a pscyhiatrist trying to help a boy who sees dead people) are high concept.

Movies like Star Wars, or Black Swan are execution dependent, and therefore not high-concept. It’s hard to describe them in a few words in a way that does them justice and excites the viewer.

An original script may get made because it’s high-concept. If it does well, then its sequel may be set up as a tentpole for the studio.

In fact, most tentpole movies these days are sequels or based on franchises with built-in audiences. Usually that means they are big budget productions, where the studios put lots of money into them, expecting a lot more money to come back.

But there are no hard and fast rules on budgeting. It depends what type of movie it is. Twilight only had a $37 million dollar budget, but was expected to be a hit (though, it went on to shatter expectations worldwide).


Is it important to always add humor to high concept scripts, for the studios and agents sake?

Limitless Poster


No, not at all. It depends entirely on the genre of the script you’re writing. But most movies have at least a moment or two of humor — if only to provide a brief respite for the audience. That’s why they call it “comic relief.”

Regardless of the genre though, the goal is to make your script as enjoyable to read as possible. Humor might be a part of it, but ultimately it’s about writing an engaging script. Make the reader want to turn the page to see what happens next.

So if you’re writing a dark horror movie, don’t feel that you need to add humor to the scene descriptions just to make the read more enjoyable. It would probably have the opposite effect.

However, if you’re writing an action-adventure, where part of the goal is to make the audience laugh, then have at it. If you’re writing a pure comedy, it’s probably a necessity.

Spiderman Reboot

Would you say the movie “Spiderman-Reboot” is high concept?

I would say that whether the Spider-Man reboot is high-concept or not is irrelevant. It’s a franchise movie, and a tentpole. We know it’s going to be a hit.

“High-concept” is usually applied to stories that haven’t been seen before on the silver screen. Spider-Man has been around for a while now. Everyone’s going to go see it, not because of an innovative story concept, but rather because we already know what a Spider-Man movie entails.

The original Spider-Man story (young man gets bitten by radioactive spider and develops spider-like superpowers)? Yes, very high concept.

Do you have any questions you’d like me to answer? Send ’em in!

Home Video Commentary Track [video] Jan 02

Not Where You Saw

Not Where You SawJohn Ramsey  and his brother have created a hilarious commentary track for one of their crappy home movies. They critique the footage in that stilted self-congratulatory, pseudo-intellectual style that we’re so used to hearing.

“Not Where You Saw” tells the riveting tale of one brother’s courageous stand for justice.

Check it out:

(via geekosystem)

Modern Family as a Horror Movie [Video] Dec 26

Modern Family – Horror Movie Trailer

Alex Dunphy - Evil GeniusHere’s a little something to balance out all that holiday cheer. If you watch ABC’s hilarious Modern Family, you’ll know that Alex Dunphy is just a check box or two away from being an evil genius. So I decided to recut Modern Family as a horror movie.

In this extended trailer, all hell breaks loose at the Dunphy household over the Christmas holidays.

Funny? Horrifying? Both? Let me know what you think.

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