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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, SzzzzZZZZ…. Jan 27

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, SpyTinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – NOT a Thriller

Anyone else a feel little disappointed by this movie?

I’ve decided that you can’t call your movie a Thriller if A) no one runs in it, and B) the protagonist is never shown to be in any real danger.

An intense Espionage Drama? Sure. But a Thriller? That’s a bit of a stretch in my opinion. Damn you false advertising!

And what was the big fuss over Gary Oldman’s performance? Solid acting to be sure — but some of the reviews were making it sound like it was the role of his life.

Or maybe it was — what do you think? Was his performance understated, nuanced and bravura? Or was it just¬†stoic, boring and unchallenging?

Did the trailer or the commercials have you feeling a little deceived when you finally saw the movie? Or was it just me? Let me know!

Rubber May 04

RubberIt’s so crazy, it just might work… as a movie!

I had this fever dream the other night… A telepathic car tire was killing anything that stood in its way because of its attraction to a beautiful woman.

Oh no wait — that wasn’t a dream, it’s a new movie!

Rubber, with arguably the most bizarre movie concept in years, is debuting as part of the Critic’s Week selection of the Cannes Film Festival later this month.

Don’t believe me? The teaser trailer is below. (Warning: Possibly NSFW. The tire hates crows.)

Via Rope of Silicon

I’m curious to check this one out. What do you think? Is this film insanely brilliant… or just insane?

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