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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
– Anonymous screenwriter who learned the hard way

StepsScript Notes

From $149.00!

I’ve been doing this awhile, working with both amateurs and professionals. Simply put, my script notes service is one of the best and most comprehensive in the business.

I can also say with pride, that I handle all of the script notes and critiques myself (despite the many offers I receive from readers to lend a hand). I feel that your screenwriting career is too important to trust to some faceless, unknown script reader whose skills and biases are unknown.

Here’s what you get:

Page Notes

I take the PDF file you send me and make notes throughout your entire screenplay! The specific issues, typos, thoughts, suggestions, etc., will be highlighted right on the pages where they occur, making it easy to pinpoint the specific problem areas. Most other readers charge hundreds of dollars for this service alone.


Having trouble coming up with your own logline? Or perhaps you’d simply like a second option? I’ll provide you with a sentence that encapsulates your premise in a compelling, industry-appropriate way.

Final Grade

Find out how an industry reader might rate your script. Either “Pass,” “Recommend,” or “Consider.”

Script Critique

Last, but certainly not least! My script critique covers covers all of the strengths and weaknesses of your screenplay, pertaining to: concept, structure, characters, dialogue and style. And here’s the cool part — you decide whether you’d prefer to have a written critique or verbal one.

That’s right, you have two options to choose from for the script critique portion of the service:

Option 1: Verbal Critique Only

We speak on the phone for up to an hour and I give you the goods on your script. Reading a standard, written critique only takes a few minutes. But if you’re given a full hour to discuss your script, ask questions, get points clarified, or challenge assertions in real-time, imagine how much more insight you’ll gain? Honestly, if you’re capable of taking notes, I think the verbal critique gives you the best bang for your buck.

Option 2: Written Critique Only

Sometimes you don’t really want to talk about your script. You just need the high level summary of what worked and what didn’t with your screenplay. Or maybe you’re simply an introverted writer, who doesn’t do well with that whole speaking thing. No problem — I’ll provide you with a 3+ page written critique.

Option 3: Both a Verbal and Written Critique

This option is for those who want it all. For $50 more, you can have a verbal critique AND a written critique of your script.

Remember, in addition to the script critique (whether verbal, written or both), you’ll also receive comprehensive page notes, a logline, and a final grade (see above).

Choose the script coverage option that works best for you!



Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time is now five full business days. So if you email me your script on a Sunday, I’ll have it back to you, with your all your script notes, by Friday evening. If you email it to me on a Monday, I’ll have everything back to you by the following Monday evening.

If you’ve already checked around, you know that this is quite simply the best value for your money anywhere.

Give yourself the best chance to breakthrough this year!

Want to learn more? Need help with something that’s not on the menu? Send me an email and let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Just need to have someone proofread your script? Try out my proofreading service.

– Trevor Mayes

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