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50% Off – Only 3 Days Left Dec 28

Time is Running Out!

If you have a script that’s ready for a final polish or assessment, there’s only 3 days left to take advantage of Scriptwrecked’s December savings. All services are 50% off for a limited time only.

There are currently four options to choose from — all of which come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (i.e. If you don’t value the feedback you receive, you’ll get a full refund).

  1. First Fifteen
    A critique and tips for the first 15 pages of your script
  2. Premium Script Coverage
    2-3 pages of notes including critique and suggestions
  3. In-Depth Script Notes
    6+ pages of notes including critique, focused suggestions and 20 point assessment grid
  4. Script Breakdown and Brainstorm
    10+ pages of notes including critique, page-by-page suggestions, 70+ point assessment grid and brainstorming assistance

The time to find out where your script stands is before it gets into the hands of Hollywood decision-makers. Give your script its best chance to kick 2010 off with a sale!

For pricing (to suit any budget) and additional information, please visit the site.

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