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Short Film: PIXELS Apr 10

From Mental Floss.

This brilliant, fun [short film] from France does several difficult things at the same time:

1) it perfectly captures my nostalgia for old video games
2) it makes you feel sorry for obsolete technology, and
3) it posits an end-of-world scenario few of us have ever considered: what would happen if the big, blocky pixels of the past came back and took their revenge?

Watch and learn.

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Category: Shorts
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3 Responses
  1. Phoenix says:

    This is close to perfect of a short film. Where did you find this? I’m pretty sure if the hot shot hollywood wealthy producers saw this that they would buy this idea.

    I tell the world now: THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT SCRIPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So write your own unique script with this idea of a fantastic invasion.


  2. Trevor Mayes says:

    I was really impressed with it as well. Sort of a reverse TRON.

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