Question: (from George C.)
What’s more impressive or important in a spec script, a good concept or a unique voice?

Answer: (Michele Wallerstein)
A good or great high concept film script is always a plus, however as an agent and as a screenplay consultant, I’ve always looked for a unique voice in the writer’s ability with characters.  The ability to write interesting, individual and clever character dialogue is what makes a new writer stand above the crowd.  I find that every script has flaws and most scripts can be worked on and rewritten to solve the problems in story, pacing and structure.

If the writer doesn’t write those quirky or fascinating people that we love in movies, then they will not be sought after by Hollywood.

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Michele Wallerstein is a Screenplay & Novel & Career Consultant and author of “MIND YOUR BUSINESS:  A Hollywood Literary Agent’s Guide To Your Writing Career“.

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