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Question: (Anonymous)

How is being a consultant different than being an agent? Are they basically the same except for the title? Can you still officially represent your clients?

Answer: (Michele Wallerstein)

Being a consultant is wholly different from being an agent. A consultant works on the creative aspects of screenplays (or novels, pilots,etc.) and helps the writer with advice about characters, plot/story, structure, saleability and whether the script can be a good sample of the writers work. In other words we tell our clients exactly how to “make it better.”

An agent’s job is to sign great writers, sell their work and service their clients’ needs and the needs of the Hollywood buying community. Agents can submit material, negotiate on behalf of the writer, as well as give some creative input. Most agents want clients that don’t need creative input because they are already professional writers when they are signed to the agency.

Michele Wallerstein is a Screenplay & Novel & Career Consultant and author of MIND YOUR BUSINESS: A Hollywood Literary Agent’s Guide To Your Writing Career.

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