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The Raven Apr 24

This sci-fi action short, by Peruvian Director Ricardo De Montreuil, was created for only $5,000 and shot in one weekend in L.A. It was originally conceived as part of a trilogy, but now, according to The Latino Review, the director is fielding calls from studios interested in turning it into a feature film — and the short’s only been on the web for a few days.

What’s stopping you from creating your own amazing short, and writing yourself into Hollywood?

Vimeo Link

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Category: Low-Budget, Shorts
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3 Responses
  1. Nix says:

    Thank you thank you, so inspiring, I emailed this linked to my network of writers, this is to show that hard work and marketing does pay off.
    Thanks Trevor for appreciating of the INDY spirit but also fusing with big budget sales like RAVEN, this short film rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But of course your great positive attitude in the business of screenwriting which at time has
    so much negativism and haters!
    I really appreciate how you are giving us so much positive advice and inspiration and information!

  2. Trevor Mayes says:

    Thanks for the great feedback, as always, Nix! I’m glad you appreciate the spirit of the site.

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