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Short Film: Evidence May 10

Creepy Girl from EvidenceThere’s an amazing extended scene in the movie Birth (2004), where the camera just holds on Nicole Kidman as she watches an Opera — her head swirling with emotion and confusion. It’s simple, but mesmerizing.

The short film Evidence (1995), by Godfrey Reggio, the writer-director of Koyaanisqatsi (2004),  reminds me of that scene. He’s taken a group of cute, confused and Omen-esque kids, and simply aimed a camera at them while they watch T.V.

Evidence looks into the eyes of children watching television – in this case Walt Disney’s “Dumbo”. Though engaged in a daily routine, they appear drugged, retarded, like the patients of a mental hospital. Evidence is about the behavior of children watching television – an activity whose physiological aspects have been overlooked in the current controversy surrounding television.

Throw in a haunting score by Philip Glass, and you have a chilling indictment of the power of television (or possibly Dumbo).

via Mental Floss

Did the creepy girl at 3:15 make you get up and lock the door too?

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The Raven Apr 24

This sci-fi action short, by Peruvian Director Ricardo De Montreuil, was created for only $5,000 and shot in one weekend in L.A. It was originally conceived as part of a trilogy, but now, according to The Latino Review, the director is fielding calls from studios interested in turning it into a feature film — and the short’s only been on the web for a few days.

What’s stopping you from creating your own amazing short, and writing yourself into Hollywood?

Vimeo Link

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Tamazina Jones Apr 14

Tamazina JonesThe wonderful thing about YouTube is that anyone, with a camera and an idea, can be a filmmaker.

MindbreakOne has created this cute and clever “tribute to one of my favorite movies. Planned, shot and edited in 7 hours.

I just discovered it today, but it’s a couple of years old, so forgive me if you’ve seen it already. The short features Tamazina Jones, a persian cat from Indiana, with mad treasure hunting skills.


Do you have an idea for an entertaining Internet meme? Maybe you can use it to help build your brand.

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Short Film: PIXELS Apr 10

From Mental Floss.

This brilliant, fun [short film] from France does several difficult things at the same time:

1) it perfectly captures my nostalgia for old video games
2) it makes you feel sorry for obsolete technology, and
3) it posits an end-of-world scenario few of us have ever considered: what would happen if the big, blocky pixels of the past came back and took their revenge?

Watch and learn.

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5 Second Films Mar 13

Can you tell a satisfying story in five seconds? I’m a believer after watching this hilarious collection of the top twenty 5-second films. (This video is NSFW.)

Via: Neatorama

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