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One Letter Off Nov 10

Earlier this year, Blake Snyder held a contest that asked people to take a well-known movie title and change just one letter to come up with a funny new concept and logline.

A couple of examples:

A meek Idaho chicken, on the verge of being slaughtered along with the rest of the animals in her barn, must evade an evil rancher and lead her flock to the promised land – an animal sanctuary in California.

While undergoing surgery for a brain tumor, an underachieving skateboarder travels back in time and must help a college stoner finish medical school, otherwise the surgical genius who’s saving his life will never exist.

I didn’t win, but there were hundreds of hilarious entries that I’d actually like to see made into movies… or at least movie posters.

Well my prayers were apparently answered even before the contest began. The folks at have had an ongoing contest to Photoshop movie posters with that exact concept for years, such as…

Enjoy more hilarious entries here:

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