Quick Screenwriting TipWhen proofing the final draft of your script, don’t forget to do a homonym pass.

While we’re blazing through our first draft, it’s easy to inadvertently mix up words or contractions that sound the same in our heads. We need to weed-out any of these remaining grammar traps at the end of the writing process.


  • there, their, they’re
  • your, you’re, yore
  • to, too, two
  • its, it’s
  • dam, damn
  • should have/should’ve, should of
  • could have/could’ve, could of

A simple automated spell check isn’t going to catch these errors.

It’s always worthwhile to have someone else (with a solid command of grammar and spelling) read your script for such mistakes before you send it out. Often times when we read our own work, we see what we intended to write, as opposed to what’s actually on the page.