In these inspiring and insightful short videos, creativity expert Eric Maisel shares some practical advice for maximizing our creative output.

Video 1: Honoring the Creative Process / Challenges and Solutions / Persistence and Courage

“… what really honors the creative process is having beyond an intellectual understanding of the necessity of mistakes and messes, a deep visceral sense that it’s okay to make mistakes and messes… You can’t skip the parts of the process that don’t work.”


Video 2: Acquiring a Creative Mind

“That’s what a thought is — neurons gathering together. And if you allow your neurons to be spent on ‘What’s my kid doing right now?’ or ‘What’s my husband doing?’ or ‘Should I answer the phone?’ or what have you, then billions of your neurons are stolen and you don’t have the ability to do the thinking you want to do. So what’s most important there is to remember that any small thought you think, is preventing you from having the big thoughts that would allow for creativity.”


Video 3: Understanding Goal-Oriented Creativity / Getting to your creating first thing each day

“… people spend weeks and weeks and months and months and years waiting for inspiration. So I try to remind people that there are two kinds of process. There’s, so to speak, “pure process,” when inspiration comes. And then there’s “goal oriented process.”

via Fresh Creation

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