Came across a couple of fun and interesting articles today:

1) Have you seen this newspaper?

Odds are, the answer is “yes.”

Similar to the Wilhem Scream, there’s apparently a newspaper prop that’s been used for years in television and movies.

Al Bundy's favorite paperAl Bundy’s favorite paper
(Married with Children)

No Country for Old MenTommy Lee likes it too
(No Country for Old Men)

Many more photos, etc. at /Film

2) Great Comedy Sequels?

Quick — name a great comedy sequel! It’s not so easy is it?

While there are many brilliant non-comedy sequels that have been produced, there are very few comedy sequels that compare to their original.

If you discount the Toy Story movies, I can only think of Meet the Fockers and Shanghai Knights off the top of my head. How about you?

The big question: Why is that? Perhaps it’s really true what they, “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.”

More discussion at RopeOfSilicon

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