Mind Your Business“A big no-no is to spend your time and creative energy writing the same project in more than one medium. I’ve seen people write the same story in different mediums thinking that they will then have a better chance at a sale. It is much better to write each story idea in one format that you really love. When you do so you will write with more quality and it will show in your piece. You must always be moving forward to your next beloved project. I knew a successful writer who became too attached to one idea. He wrote his ‘story’ as a screenplay and a novel and when they didn’t sell, he also wrote it as a play. All of these efforts took their toll in time, thought, energy, and work. It was an enormous waste of all of that and it ended his career.

The simple answer is and always has been: Write what you love but remember that you are in the business of writing.”

Michele Wallerstein, Mind Your Business: A Hollywood Literary Agent’s Guide To Your Writing Career