I’ve just finished the first draft of a new script. Now it’s time to put it away and not think about it for a few days. That will allow me to get some distance from it, so when I start the rewrite I’ll be able to look at it with more critical eyes.

To keep away the temptation of returning to it too soon, I’ve decided to have a crazy sale and immerse myself in scripts for a while.

So here’s the deal. It’s a one-time only event.

I’ll read your feature film script and provide you with professional notes for $39.

Seriously, $39!

If you haven’t quite finished your script yet, I’ll even let you purchase this bargain rate now, and submit your script when you’re done.

But you have to act before tomorrow night (Saturday, January 15th at midnight).

Don’t let your script go out with a key problem that I could have easily identified for you for 39 bucks.

Click here for more information.

Any questions? Let me know!