Quick Screenwriting TipQuick Screenwriting Tip:

As you race toward your thrilling conclusion, be mindful of your scene lengths, especially if you need to cut across multiple locations, with multiple characters.

Longer scenes will slow things down. Shorter scenes will speed things up.

Sometimes you may have some important business to take care of, in one location, that will take many pages to complete. If you can’t trim it, but want to make sure you don’t lose momentum or intensity, look for an opportunity to cut the scene into two or more parts. You can then jump back and forth between locations, and maintain the pace.

Just make sure you end each scene with a “button”1 so the audience looks forward to coming back to the action.

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  1. Ending on a button means your scene or dialogue ends with a powerful moment; a hook, joke, cliffhanger, reveal, zinger, shocker, etc.