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$59 Script Notes Jul 29

$59 Dollar Script NotesI’m always telling my clients to streamline things, so I followed my own advice and whittled down my script services to one…

$59 Script Notes!

Basically, I took my most popular offerings and bundled them at my lowest price. That may not make me a smart businessman, but I’m sure you guys will love it.

For what you get, I honestly believe it’s the cheapest and best deal on the web. If you’ve never used my script reading service before, please give it a try while this price lasts.

Category: Critique, Script Notes
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2 Responses
  1. mlawrence says:

    I’ve used Trevor Mayes’s screenwriting service and was very pleased. This latest offer is a real bargain.

    Happy Customer

  2. Susannah Olsen says:

    Hey! I just found this article, so obviously lots of the stuff you mentioned is out of date, I’m sure. What are your current offers for script editing? I have a Pilot episode of a t.v. show I’m really excited about, which I’m sure you hear all too much, and would love a critique! Let me know if you can, thank you!!

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