Since I’ve been on hiatus from script consulting, I’m often asked if I could recommend other consultants. I’m happy to add Adam Levenberg — former development executive and author of The Starter Screenplay: An Executive’s Perspective on Screenwriting — to the list.

I enjoyed Adam’s book and recently tried out his consulting service for my latest screenplay. It was an eye-opening experience.

My writing is strong enough that it can sometimes cause readers to overlook inherent deficits that may exist in the script. Not Adam — he homes in on those problem areas like a laser-guided missile.

The funny thing about screenwriting is that it takes years of practice before the lessons you’ve learned from university, books, seminars, etc. get transferred onto the page. You’ll make mistakes where you’ll say to yourself, “Geez, I knew that! What was I thinking?” The longer you write, the less this will happen. But in the meantime, you need someone like Adam to point those mistakes out to you. He’ll dig deep into your script and root them out.

And when I say dig deep, I mean it. He doesn’t just give your script the once-over. He spends a lot of time both reading the script and going over the issues with you. Part of his service is a comprehensive phone conversation, that might last several hours. He also welcomes extensive follow-up with his clients.

Obviously this service isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it . He’s not only a guy who can help make your script better, he’s a guy who can put you in touch with agents and managers if your script impresses him. That alone makes his service a cut above — especially for the more advanced writers out there.

For more information on Adam and his services, check out his website — He encourages writers, who are considering his services, to contact him in advance so he can make sure to meet or exceed their expectations.