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Short Film: Script Cops Jun 10

I’ve been getting some great screenwriting links from my friends lately. I’ll share them with you over the next few days.

Today’s link is to the following hilarious short film by Writer/Director Scott Rice, called SCRIPT COPS.

Script Cops

Sorry, I wasn’t able to embed the video.
Click the image above to view at the filmmaker’s web site.

According to Rice’s web site:

This award-winning parody became a hit Sony Pictures web series. Maverick Award Winner – LAWebFest 2011.

You can view more episodes of SCRIPT COPS here.

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2 Responses
  1. Brian says:

    You know. If this is so good. And I have watched it. How come it’s so boring. The style is so uncinematic. It is not Tarantino. It is no Spike Lee. It is not Tim Burton.

    Look at the movie THE BIG FISH.

    It got style.

    Look at the FRENCH CONNECTION. It got cool style.

    The Script Cop thing is so like eating crackers with lettuce soup. Too simple and wasted too much money and time on it.

    Like when I am 80 years old and still watching Ronald Regan bits, when the man has died and left a legacy.

    So this Script Cop things is too ill and very LA in style that I feel sick.

    Like when I go to movies, I wan to see more I AM NUMBER 4 or STAR TREK or SUPERMAN or more THE WRESTLER.

    Would Rice be able to give us the next STAR WARS?

  2. Trevor Mayes says:

    Um, it’s a COPS parody that incorporates the esoterica of screenwriting. On that basis it was pitch-perfect.

    Much of the humor comes from knowing the common mistakes that screenwriters make. If you’re new to the game, I can see how some of the stuff might go over your head.

    Anyone else watch this short film parody expecting something akin to BIG FISH?

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