Jeffrey Hirschberg has written a great article discussing the 11 laws he believes are critical to your script’s success.

While it is impossible to have a foolproof formula, I have learned certain principles dramatically increase the probability of your story achieving a modicum of greatness.

  1. Assume everyone has A.D.D.
  2. Spend most of your time on the first ten pages of your script
  3. Write roles to attract movie stars
  4. Write economically
  5. Make sure every character has a unique voice
  6. Understand your audience
  7. Know your three-act structure
  8. Be aware of theme, and keep it consistent throughout the script
  9. Watch and re-watch successful movies similar to your story
  10. Know what your hero wants (the goal), what happens if he doesn’t get what he wants (the stakes), and who/what is preventing him from getting what he wants (the villain)
  11. Leave them wanting more

Will your script echo in eternity?

For a thorough discussion of each of these laws, complete with movie examples, I highly recommend reading the full article at