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Quick Screenwriting Tip: “Dismay” Character Jan 13

Quick Screenwriting TipQuick Screenwriting Tip:

If your script is fantastical in nature, look for opportunities for a supporting character to react with dismay — especially if your main characters have become accustomed to the world.

Used at the right time, this may:

  • make a moment feel more authentic or relatable
  • provide an opportunity for a laugh
  • remind us of the stakes
  • help suspend the audience’s disbelief

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3 Responses
  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by scribomatic, Trevor Mayes. Trevor Mayes said: A quick tip for fantastical scripts (or moments). #screenwriting […]

  2. DR WHO FAN CLUB says:

    Hey I’m a big fan of fantastical scripts. Thanks for the tip. I wish Hollywood would make more of these. Well, directors like Zack Snyder and Tim Burton are trying…
    Trevor, will we see more R-rated fantastical scripts in the the future in Hollywood?

  3. Trevor Mayes says:

    Hey Dr. Who — Hollywood will continue to churn out movie genres, and work with visionary directors, that achieve box office success. So here’s hoping SUCKER PUNCH and other upcoming harder edged fantasy films do really well.

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