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New Script Proofreading Service Nov 14

New Script Proofreading ServiceProfessional Script Proofreading

In addition to providing insightful script notes, I’ve recently been proofreading screenplays for clients who have asked for it. I figure there might be others who could use a low cost proofreading service, so I’ve decided to make it an official option.

You can now have an eagle-eyed professional proofread your script for only $89.99. Every line. Every word. Every punctuation mark.

As I’m sure you already know, typos and other mistakes can give the wrong impression to a reader. It’s a quick hop from believing a writer is sloppy, to believing the writing must also be sloppy, to giving your script a pass.

There are three things you can count on:

  1. Spell check won’t catch all of your errors.
  2. We all make mistakes that we become blind to after a while.
  3. There are still errors in your script!

So let me catch those mistakes before someone that really matters does.

Special Incentive

Think your script is perfect? The first person who sends me a script that contains no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors will receive a full refund.

What have you got to lose? Try my new script proofreading service today.

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8 Responses
  1. Tommy says:

    What is the turnaround time of any submissions for proofreading?

  2. Trevor Mayes says:

    Hi Tommy, the turnaround time is two full business days. So if you submitted your script today (and today’s a Wednesday), you’d have the notes back by Friday evening.

    If you submitted your script on a Thursday, you’d have your notes back by Monday evening.

  3. Roger says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Does the service include proofreading for correct script formatting in addition to what you mention above?



  4. Trevor Mayes says:

    Hey Roger,

    Great question. The answer is YES!

    I don’t advertise it, because I’m worried I’ll become busier than I currently am, but you can rest assured that I’ll point out any formatting problems along with the usual grammatical errors, typos, etc.



  5. C.Stonecipher says:


    Is your charge 39 or 89?


  6. Trevor Mayes says:

    It’s $89.99. The $39.99 is a relic from the ancient past. I’ll have to update my old blog pages.

    This page will always be correct:

  7. Diego says:

    Hi Trevor,
    I’d like to know if you also proofread english scripts written by non-native english writers. The charge for this kind of service would be 89 in any case?

  8. Trevor Mayes says:

    Hi Diego,

    Yes, that’s right. $89.99 across the board. If the script is truly overrun with errors, I’ll give the client an option of either having their money refunded or paying an additional charge.

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